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The game in question is Final Fantasy XI (FFXI) which is an online game. The video card driver will not render the game on the dedicated NVIDIA GPU because its using DirectX 8. This is by design according to NVIDIA: "Games based on DirectX 8 and older versions of DirectX will only run on integrated graphics in an Optimus laptop under Windows 10 Jan 14, 2017 · While testing Halo Wars Definitive Edition on my Surface Book, I noticed that it wasn't using the NVIDIA d-GPU, defaulting instead to the integrated graphics. Here's how to fix that issue, and ...

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All games that are UNKNOWN as to whether they support 60 FPS - please help to research and complete the fields for the 60 FPS field. Instructions. Find any games with 'unknown' compatibility and determine whether a game's 60 FPS field is true, false or hackable, by entering the field the information in the correct fields, e.g.: If your FPS are generally low and For Honor stutters for you, you may want to double check if the game is using the right GPU. The game should be using a dedicated GPU by AMD or NVidia, depending on...Вы скачиваете: Low Poly FPS Pack v3.2.unitypackage (120,59 Мб).

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FFXI low FPS. Thread starter Sanhime. Start date Jan 17, 2010. Even my old system held at 30 FPS (FFXI is capped at 30 FPS) with 30 people on the screen with all graphics cranked to max and with...DSOGaming is your source for PC games news, PC hardware news, screenshots, trailers, PC performance analyses, benchmarks, demos and PC patches.

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I have low FPS regardless of my computer being more than good enough to run this at 60 fps. CPU: FX-8350 GPU: XFX 280x RAM: 8 GB I get around 30-40 FPS on max at all...